Tsuruchi Yuudai

Yuudai is a sarcastic man, and he is always grinning as though he is in on a joke at everyone else’s expense. He has unusually green eyes, and stands slight, athletic and willowy; built like an archer, not a warrior. His face is fair and handsome, and f


Name: Tsuruchi Yuudai
Clan: Mantis
Family: Tsuruchi
School: Tsuruchi Archer

Rank/Insight = 1 (120)

Honor: 3.5
Glory: 3
Infamy: 2
Status: 1


Family Line to Kaimetsu-uo. Take Blood of Osano-wo for one less point.
Ancestor was Mercenary. Gain a 3 Point Ally in Scorpion
Legendary Sailor and Explorer. Gain a free rank in sailing or navigation.

Rings and Traits

Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Strength: 2
Perception: 3

Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2

AIR: 2
Reflexes: 4 (-16CP)
Awareness: 2

Void Points:2



Light Armor
Persian Archer Chain
Sturdy Clothing
Bag of Gaijin Pepper

15 Koku

Traveling Pack:
Fishing Net
Grapply Hook
Rope (50’)
Week’s Rations
Vial of Paint
Coin Purse
Flint and Tinder
Small knife

Willow Leaf – 10
Flesh Cutter – 10
Humming Bulb – 4
Rope Cutter – 1

Advantages/Disadvantages and Skills


Forbidden Knowledge (Gaijin Pepper): 5
Gaijin Gear: 4
Wealthy: 3 (-2CP)
Ancestor: Kaimetsu-uo: 9
Scorpion Ally: 3
Blood of Osano-wo: 4 (paid 2 -1 Mantis, -1 Heritage)


Overconfident 4
Greedy 4
Infamous 2


  • Athletics: 2 (-2CP)
  • Defense: 1
  • Hunting: 1
  • Investigation: 2 (-2CP)
  • Kyujutsu (Yumi): 4 (-3CP)
  • Etiquette: 3 (-5CP)
    Craft (Explosives): 2 (-2CP)
    Jiujutsu: 3 (-3CP)
    Sincerity: 2 (-3CP)
    Navigation: 1
    Craft (Bowyer): 1
    Stealth: 1

TN to Be Hit: Ref*5+5 = 25 + Armor = 30 (33 in Gaijin Armor)
Willpower: 1k1
Init: 5k4

+1k0 bow
+1k0 jiujutsu
+3k0 jiujutsu (improvised weapons)

Jiujutsu: 6k2, 9k2 improvised weapons, +1k1 damage

Attack: 9k4
Willow Leaf: 5k2
Armor Piercer: 4k1 no armor
Flesh Cutter: 5k3 double armor
Humming Bulb: 3k1
Rope Cutter: 4k1 2 free raises on called shots v. inanimate objects


Tsuruchi Yuudai was not always the man you know now. You will think me dishonorable, or spreading rumor, but it is important to know what a man can make of himself. If one does not know where a man has come from, how will one know what he has made of himself? If all that you see is the man he is, you will not know his journey.

He was born to Turuchi Kenichi and Moshi Hitomi, his father a notable patron and owner of several businesses, and a famed archer. His mother was the beautiful and cunning shugenja that tamed his wild father. They fell madly in love and had a child. This child was not Yuudai, it was his brother, Daichi. When they had Yuudai ten years later, the boy was instantly enamored with his older brother. Daichi was an inspiration and role model to Yuudai.

When Yuudai was five years old, and preparing to enter the Tsuruchi Archery Academy, Daichi graduated from the Yoritomo Bushi school. He had talked up bushido to his younger brother, appearing the noble samurai swordsman in every respect. He was Yuudai’s hero. Daichi marched off with the other bushi on an exercise in Lion lands, where they were ambushed and killed to a man.

As it turned out, the Mantis warriors had come upon Lion samurai threatening and extorting local bonge in a tiny village. The Lion were beside themselves, and brought the corrupt samurai that perpetrated the attack to justice, but the damage to a five year old boy had been done.

Bushido became a word used as a weapon. The so-called noble clans like Crane and Lion used the tenets like a dream, they were held up in public, and disregarded when inconvenient in private. Yuudai clung to the Wasp Code, taught in secret by his sensei, seeing Tsuruchi’s own rage roiling within the boy. He was brought up in the tradition of the Wasp Clan archers, disdaining the sword and weak samurai unable to keep to their own code.

Upon graduation, Yuudai went about his task. None spoke for justice for the poor, for the castes below the samurai. No one stood for them, and so he would. He walked the night in gaijin armor, colored after the Wasp in blacks and golds, punishing those that would harm those beneath them without offering restitution. By day, he played his father’s old role excellently. He was frivolous and harmless, a womanizing sot, concerned with dishonorable things like money and hedonism, and openly throwing bushido to the wind. It acted as a clever cover.

Tsuruchi Yuudai

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